The Ballad of Mister Slice
A knife between her shoulder blades
And the tough policeman cries
There's murder on the streets
And the blood will run till the killer fries
The rivers fill with the floating dead
Terror fills all eyes with dread
Mr Slice the papers call him
And he laughs at such a name
He drinks up all the hype
And he feasts upon the fame
He cuts them twice because he can
The cops they are so slow
He walks not runs because its fun
And he knows they won't follow
Well Mr Slice had a penchant for vice
And they thought that's how they'd trap him
Four months had gone by and too many had died
And hope was growing dim
So they dressed up a cop to give him the hop
As a lady selling her passion
She walked the streets displaying her treats
A doll in her red light fashion
She was nervous of course Slice was hung like a horse
But she gave in to his velvety charms
She played her part well and Slice desperately fell
Right into her loving arms
A strange thing occurred on the night of the trap
The bait fell for the prize as he entered her lap
To their mutual surprise amid the song of their sighs
Each felt they could not go on with their lies
She told him her role and he spoke of his sin
They escaped through the streets, new lives to begin
But soon a sharp fear did creep up upon her
Could there really be love amongst all this horror
She hoped a bright hope her heart raced in her chest
Too dizzy in love to know what was best
They found her body at a quarter to three
It makes your heart sink that such things could be
Old Slice he was gone not leaving a trace
Except this last victim her beautiful face
Moist from the river or maybe her tears
Why can't the clock turn back through the years
To a time before Slice where innocence could thrive
Where a young girl could love and still stay alive
It's said that old Slice would visit her grave
His greatest regret that he could not save
Her life from his hand from his cold blackened soul
His dark ate her light and turned it to coal
We know Mr Slice stopped killing that day
The murder and mayhem just faded away
I reckon our killer cut her so deep
It severed his hope of an untroubled sleep
He killed his own love then took his own life
Tired of carnage being his wife
It turns out the fair cop got Slice after all
A pity the price was the cost of her fall