Burnt up by my guilt,
but I don't know my crime
I lock myself up,
throw away the key
and sit in the moonlight,
serving my time
I think of you,
most every day,
your breath on my neck
which caused me to sway,
maybe caused me to fall
and when you ended it all
I found my way to this room,
to ponder fate come too soon
There's a world right outside
I know this, I do
but I cannot quite face it
for this world still has you
And it's a place we might meet,
if you wanted us too,
but the days carry silence,
so our end must be true
With headphones and music
I blast it away,
this wordless, soft wind
that would cut me right through 
if I let it
if I let
my guard down just once,
if I let in the silence
of your glassy, last glance
My breath would come hard
and my heart, it would race
and the world, it would see, 
the pain on my face
So, better a prisoner
in a space I control,
where my heart can hurt freely
and converse with my soul
Where the laughter outside 
of love in the rain
might one day just tempt me
to try once again.

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