Jenkins' Love
Jenkins harboured his desire
to be loved, in spite of his disgrace,
to lie with her by an open fire
yet fearing such hope was sadly misplaced
So, all he did was sit and watch
as she crossed the street,
beneath the arch
Her smile, it was such a sunny one,
her disposition, elegant
yet she yearned for fun,
for the arm of one, offered out to hold,
to be taken dancing, to be kissed, so bold
For a man to be real, climbed out of her dreaming,
to, with flesh and bone, hold her safe in his keeping
But Jenkins never offered such,
never spoke his love, never knew her touch
So, as the days and weeks made years
during which his longing did not outgrow his fears,
they both turned grey, in their rocking chairs
and when they both passed on, and climbed the stairs
to heaven's rest among the stars,
they finally spent their nights together,
strangers, still, yet celestially tethered.